Barcelona : The Wall of Fame

The 1 minute Wall of Fame by Street Art Mecca from justininbcn on Vimeo.

The Wall is located in Born, Barcelona, and is a unique and diverse collection of the current crop of street artists. It is constantly changing and evolving. Not all Barcelona street artists are here but it's a good example of the type of art you'll find dotted around the streets.

Barcelona needs more places like this. Everywhere else has been buffed or cleaned up.

Alice Pasquini Interview / Street Art Mecca

The Rome-based artist has been popping up in cities all over the world. Having lived, traveled and painted in Europe, Australia and the United States. She usually works alone but has collaborated with artists such as C215, Max Ripo and Bris. More recently in 2011 collaborating to create a graphic novel, “Vertigine ed Rizzoli,” which she beautifully illustrated and Melissa P authored...
Click here for full article and short film.

Enzo and Nio / Street Art Mecca Interview

Katrine Knauer caught up with NY street artists Enzo&Nio.

Q: Where are you from and is that influential in your art?

E&N: I am from everywhere and from all time. I am a spiritual and physical culmination sprung from an improbable beginning and formed from the chaos of circumstances that produced us all. At this moment, writing this, all that means is: yes, that is important and influential to what I do. You are no different. All our origins are tremendous and wondrous, we rarely ponder that though.
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PLANet Art Palm Springs - Mural Project

Las Calles Hablan Documentary along with Saber, Apexer, Chad Hasegawa, Jeff Soto, JR - Inside Out Project... public art possible with your support! Don't forget to SHARE!

PLANet Art Palm Springs Mural Project will bring together a select group of internationally recognized artists to participate in a week long cultural live art event. Our goal is to fund four murals, an interactive photography project, and a film screening and lecture in Palm Springs.


Street Art Mecca featured artist No.4: Francisco de Pajaro

Street Art Mecca presents Art is Trash from justininbcn on Vimeo.

When I went to meet Francisco de Pajaro I wanted to talk politics. He didn’t. I had my list of deep meaningful questions but he didn’t want to answer them. Instead he spoke about the absurdity in society, our hideous selfishness, our capacity for self destruction and our ridiculous behaviour towards weaknesses. Pajaro’s “Art is Trash” speaks directly at you and says “you are the art, the lie and the trash of society”, and we love him for it. ...full article.

MINI GUIDE: Vegan Bunnies
February Issue

Once there was a girl. She traveled over the mountains and across the ocean to this seaside city, where she crossed paths with a bunny. Soon, they were inseparable. The bunny grabbed the girl’s heart and expanded her thoughts. She changed the girl’s direction and the bunny became the symbol of her newfound respect for all beings. She burst with energy and filled the streets with her passion, her love, her hate, her confusion. All that she was became the streets. ...full article.

image above: Vegan Bunnies and Konair.

Site launched January 2014

Street Art Mecca is based in Barcelona but primarily interested in the relevance of street art in global culture. We are featuring artists who are interacting with their environment, social and political circumstances and detailing the reaction it creates in their societies.

The long term objective is to create a network of street artists who can link to each other and to participate in a feature length documentary with similar themes.

The site has just launched and currently features artist Jimmy C.

Link to Street Art Mecca

Vegan Bunnies

A Short Film about Vegan Bunnies from justininbcn on Vimeo.

25 October 2013

Jardí Centenari, c/ Encarnació, 62-64.
New works in El Jardi from Jimmy C and El Gat Mao.

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22 - 30 September 2013

As part of his East Coast Tour, Balu is coming through NYC and Philly before heading to Washington, D.C. this weekend; where he will be doing live painting at the opening of Las Calles Hablan at Nuit Blanche, Saturday 28 September 2013.

Jardí Centenari,
c/ Encarnació, 62-64.
Onist Film y Mapping Barcelona Public Art presenta un día de street art. Proyecto "Salvem el Jardi" utiliza el activismo street art para hacer un buen ejemplo con los espacios públicos.
18:00 Exposiciones y música
19:00 Live Painting con Tacto 
22:00 Proyección de documentales "Salvem El Jardí De Gràcia y street art cortometrajes. 

El dia 20 promo - El Jardi de Gracia. from justininbcn on Vimeo.

Jardí Centenari,
c/ Encarnació, 62-64.
Jardí Centenari is open to the public. Go and check out the murals whenever you are in Gracia.

Onist Film and MBPA support Jardí Centenari to be a free space for the community. We invited a few street artists to add color to the walls of the future neighborhood garden.
Vegan Bunnies, Konair, Tacto, Zems, SM172, Secle, Rice, Balu, El Warum and Edina Una.

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Onist Films did some short films for the occasion :
Tacto y Zems
Vegan Bunnies
El Warum

More on Jardí Centenari :

LAS CALLES HABLAN Screening and Panel Discussion
Le Meridien
Carrer Pintor Fortuny, 6.

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Screening of Las Calles Hablan.
Live painting by local artist Balu during reception.
Panel discussion with producer Justin Dunlon, Balu, curator for MACBA, Director of Le Meridian and a guest curator.

Event Video