Mapping Barcelona Public Art was founded in 2011 and initially acted as a blog on Barcelona urban art and graffiti. Over the first year, it developed from blog to a full on project, including photographs taken all over the city and information on the various barrios (neighborhoods) of Barcelona. In 2012, the idea of an exhibit, that would fight against the crack down on art in the streets of Barcelona, was initiated. A Kickstarter Campaign allowed MBPA to have it’s first exhibit, Las Calles Hablan ( The Streets Speak ), at Mutuo Centro de Arte in Autumn 2012, featuring photographs from the creator of MBPA, as well as artwork from many key players in the scene such as Kenor, Alice, Gola, Ogoch, SM172, Debens, Pez, Kafre and Tom14. The show was meant to be a catalyst for conversation on art on the street.

For the show, Katrine teamed up with Justin, Silvia and Ian from Onist Films to create a short documentary on Barcelona. There was such enthusiasm, that the initial screening (meant to be at the closing of the Las Calles Hablan exhibit) was decidedly postponed. With no budget but instead much support and love, this idea came to tell the story of Barcelona and her streets. What was meant to be a short film became the full length documentary Las Calles Hablan.

Over the past year, the documentary and exhibit have traveled from Barcelona to Palm Desert to Washington, D.C. The event in Washington, DC was a pinnacle for the team because it was hosted by The Embassy in Spain. And this meant for us, that it maybe was changing the way the government viewed graffiti and urban art. A year after being released, the documentary reached over 100,000 views online, with incredible support from around the globe. The documentary continues to be available for people to watch free online or at screenings.

Justin, Silvia, Katrine and more recently, Anna, have come together to continue to support the urban art community with Street Art Mecca. Each month, a new artist will be presented with an article and short film. In this way, we can continue to be involved in the scene and be a support to emerging artists, as well as increase the awareness of the importance of this form of expression in the community.

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founder/creator MBPA
curator + project manager for Las Calles Hablan.
co-producer Las Calles Hablan documentary.

producer Las Calles Hablan documentary.
Onist Films
creator Street Art Mecca.

producer Las Calles Hablan documentary.


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